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Dr.eye 譯典通 | 句庫 | experiment 例句
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They were doing the experiment in a thousand and one ways.

After all our efforts, the experiment failed.

Unexpected difficulties arose in the course of their experiment.

Professor Smith gave a clear explanation of the experiment.

He is close about the experiment.

The experiment is designed to test the new drug.

Some people learn by experiment and others learn by experience.

When the experiment is complete, include your findings in a report.

Let's start the experiment here and now.

They encountered numerous difficulties in conducting the experiment.

We did some singularly boring experiment.

I think he stands a good chance of succeeding in the experiment.

We need sublimate water for our experiment.

It was a successful experiment.

They succeeded in the experiment on the fifteenth trial.

They managed to carry on their experiments in spite of the difficulties.

The experiments have ceased.

Their experiments came to nothing in the end.

The experiments of ten scientists were embodied in the report.

He had passed through many difficulties during the experiments.