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The First East Asian Games were held in Shanghai in 1993.

He held my hand in a friendly grasp.

He held hard on to the rope.

He held a knife in his hand.

The roof was held up by pillars.

She held herself erect.

The highjackers held two women hostage.

The ship held an easterly course.

He held this office for ten years.

The dike held during the flood.

He held me at bay with a long knife.

He was held back from further promotion.

When danger came, no one held back.

During the whole struggle he held by his principles.

Jim has not held down a job for more than a year.

He was held in contempt in that company.

All his students held him in high esteem.

The doctor was held in high estimation by his patients.

The speaker held on for a full hour.

All Europe held its breath to see who would win the election.