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Death toll rises to 4 in Strasbourg shooting in France


2018-12-12 浏览

The death toll of the shooting near a Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg Tuesday evening has risen to four, several were wounded, local media reported.

Security officers have cordoned off the area, while the injured were transported to a local hospital center.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told reporters that several of the wounded were in critical condition and that he was heading to Strasbourg.

"Our security and rescue services are mobilized," Castaner added.

According to sources from local authorities, the suspected gunman identified as 29-year-old and known to police for criminal activity, has been cornered. Police had reportedly exchanged gunfire with the suspect during the chase.

The Prosecutor's Office said French counter terrorism prosecutor has opened investigation into the incident.

Bordering Germany, Strasbourg is the capital city of the Grand Est region in northeastern France.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Penalties and bans for defective vaccines


2018-12-12 浏览

Chinese authorities have penalized Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Limited and its executives over illegalities related to making defective human rabies vaccine.

Penalties include a delisting warning, fines, and lifetime market access bans for executives of the company.

The company said yesterday it had received notice of its compulsory delisting from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange over its major violations of the law. The bourse will continue to weigh its removal decision in accordance with related regulations.

The vaccine-maker said Gao Junfang and three other executives have been given administrative penalties including a lifetime ban from the securities market by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the top industry watchdog.

They have also received warnings and fines of 300,000 yuan each (US$43,400).

Another three executives were fined 200,000 yuan each and banned from the securities market for five years. Ten others were warned and fined 50,000 yuan each.

The company was warned and fined 600,000 yuan by the CSRC.

Violations included blending different batches of vaccine, falsifying production dates and using expired fluid to produce some batches, the authorities said.

The National Medical Products Administration annulled the company’s rabies vaccine approval document and certificates for related products.

It imposed a fine of 12.03 million yuan.

Jilin Food and Drug Administration revoked the company’s pharmaceutical production license, confiscated illegally-produced vaccines and the income of 1.89 billion yuan from defective vaccine sales.

It imposed a fine of 7.21 billion yuan, three times the value of the defective vaccines produced and sold by the company.

Individuals directly responsible for the violations will be banned from drug manufacturing and operating activities, and those suspected of committing crimes will face criminal charges.

Li Jiang, an NMPA legal adviser, said: “Serious punishment for the case will serve as a warning for drug safety.

“It shows the authorities’ resolution to crack down on drug violations and protect people’s health.”

The CSRC warned other companies to learn a lesson from the case to promote healthy growth of the capital market.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Cultural relic formerly collected at Yuanmingyuan returns to China


2018-12-12 浏览

A Chinese bronze vessel looted from Yuanmingyuan, or the Old Summer Palace, has recently returned to China and entered the collections at the National Museum of China on Tuesday.

The vessel, known as the Bronze Tiger Ying, was auctioned in April by Britain's Canterbury Auction Galleries.

The buyer, through the auction house, contacted China's State Administration of Cultural Heritage in late April and expressed hope for an unconditional donation.

Resources show the vessel, once belonging to the royal family of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), was taken away by British military officer Harry Evans from the Old Summer Palace, which was sacked and destroyed in 1860 during the invasion of Anglo-French allied forces.

Representatives from SACH and experts with the National Museum of China visited Britain in September to authenticate the bronze vessel, which dates back to the Western Zhou period (1046 BC-771 BC).

"Chinese cultural relics lost overseas are an important component of the cultural heritage of our country," said Liu Yuzhu, head of SACH, adding they bear the profound history and cultural emotions of the Chinese people.

Liu said SACH has in recent years successfully facilitated the return of many lost cultural relics to China, and the return of the Bronze Tiger Ying is a representative model.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Lee to seek cancer all-clear before resuming training


2018-12-11 浏览

Malaysian badminton great Lee Chong Wei is to seek the all-clear from his doctors in Chinese Taipei after his treatment for nose cancer, and probably won't be back on the courts until next month, reports said on Monday.

Despite earlier comments from Malaysia's badminton chief that Lee's return to the training courts was imminent, the 36-year-old said he still needed the green light from his specialists.

The three-time Olympic silver-medalist has spent nearly five months on the sidelines after being diagnosed with early-stage nose cancer and undergoing proton therapy and chemotherapy in Chinese Taipei.

"I need to go for my follow-up check-up with doctors later this month, and see what they say then," Lee was quoted as saying by The Star newspaper, adding that January looked like the earliest he could come back.

"I've been constantly keeping in touch with them and they have reminded me to take it easy and not to rush it because this is not an injury. It takes time."

The former long-time world No. 1 also cast doubt on whether he will make good on his plan to make a competitive comeback at the All England Open in March.

"My target is the All England, but I can't really be sure I will come back by then," said Lee.

"My desire is there. But I can't force things to happen. Everything depends on my condition as I've been out for almost five months now since I underwent my treatment in July."

The player, now down at 15th in the world rankings, has said that he is still eying an elusive Olympic gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Lee's unsuccessful attempts to capture Malaysia's first ever Olympic gold medal, at three consecutive Summer Games, were followed avidly back home, as was his long-running rivalry with Chinese superstar Lin Dan.

His last shot at the Olympic title at Rio 2016 ended in a crushing failure when the Malaysian lost out to China's Chen Long in a nail-biting final.

Nose cancer is perhaps the biggest blow suffered by Lee, who was banned after testing positive for a prescribed anti-inflammatory at the 2014 world championships.

Lee returned to the sport in 2015, after authorities accepted he took the drug inadvertently.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

IoT startup G7 in record fundraising


2018-12-11 浏览

Chinese Internet of Things company G7 announced yesterday that it had completed a US$320 million fundraising, a global record for IoT startups.

G7 offers IoT services mainly in the logistics and transportation industries, serving more than 60,000 customers with over 800,000 vehicles.

This round of investment was led by HOPU Investments. Other new investors include China Broadband Capital, iFoF (Intelligent Fund of Funds), Mount Morning Capital, Total Energy Ventures and TH Capital, in addition to existing shareholders such as Bank of China Investment and Tencent Inc.

In just over a year, G7 has raised about US$500 million through multiple fundraising rounds.

With its IoT platform, G7 provides integrated fleet management solutions and services, covering safety, energy, payments and financing to logistics companies and freight fleets. With its partners, G7 is co-developing an autonomous trucking network.

“Technology is having a profound impact on the industry,” said Zhai Xuehun, founder and CEO of G7.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Safety checks ordered after death of girl


2018-12-11 浏览

The Foxtown Mall in Shanghai has urged all of its shops to carry out safety inspections after a fatal accident on the weekend.

On Saturday a mirror collapsed on a 6-year-old girl in I.T Outlet. The girl was taken to hospital but pronounced dead from a head injury shortly after.

I.T Outlet has closed its doors until the results of an investigation.

All dressing mirrors not fixed to walls in the mall have been removed. Shops with parent-child commodities were also urged to pay close attention to safety.

How the mirror was attached to the wall at I.T Outlet is the focus of an investigation by the emergency management department of Xuhui District.

It said the company that installed the mirror was under investigation. The glue that was used to fix the mirror has been sent for further examination.

The PR manager of the outlet said that according to the construction blueprint, the mirror should have been fixed on the wall with hooks. Yesterday it was reported the mirror was allegedly simply leaning against the wall.

Yao, the girl’s father, said his wife is seven months pregnant, and is in shock. She was with her daughter when the accident occurred, while he and the girl’s grandmother were in another part of the mall.

The manager of the Foxtown Mall, Qiu, said he felt sorry for what happened. He added that they have arranged rooms for the girl’s mother and grandparents.

“A psychiatrist will come to help with the mother tomorrow,” Qiu said.

Zhu, of I.T Apparels, said he and Qiu went to the hospital after the accident.

“But we didn’t approach the family for they were overwhelmed with sorrow,” Zhu said.

The company is negotiating compensation with the Yao family.

“At the moment neither of us has brought up the issue of money, or how much amount,” said Zhu.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Chinese research vessel departs for new ocean expedition


2018-12-10 浏览

Chinese research vessel Dayang Yihao (Ocean No.1) left the eastern city of Qingdao on Monday, taking researchers on a 230-day scientific ocean expedition.

Within the first 150 days of the voyage, researchers will conduct surveys on resources, environment and biodiversity in the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic, according to China's ocean affairs administration.

For the remaining 80 days, researchers will obtain samples and data in a seabed polymetallic sulphide ore in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean. China secured an approval from the International Seabed Authority in 2011 to explore a polymetallic sulphide ore deposit.

Dayang Yihao is a 5,600-ton vessel with equipment for geophysics, marine chemistry, and biological and acoustic research.

During the entire mission, the ship is expected to sail more than 23,900 nautical miles and return to Qingdao in July 2019.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

4 dead, 11 injured in Hong Kong school minibus crash


2018-12-10 浏览

Four people were killed and 11 injured on Monday after a minibus mowed down pedestrians in China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, said Information Services Department of the HKSAR government.

The department said that according to latest information from hospitals, among the 11 injured, four were in critical condition, two in serious condition and five stable.

Police said the accident occurred around 2pm local time (0600 GMT) in North Point. The cause of the accident has not been determined yet.

HKSAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam expressed her condolences to the victims of the accident.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Samsung to invest US$2.4b on capacitor, battery plants in China


2018-12-10 浏览

Global electronics giant Samsung will invest US$2.4 billion to build new battery and capacitor plants in northern China's Tianjin, according to local authorities.

The investment will be used to expand the power battery lines and set up a multi-layer ceramics capacitors (MLCC) factory for automotive electronics in the city, according to Tianjin Municipal government.

Samsung SDI, a storage battery maker, will invest US$800 million on the battery project which is expected to cover 100,000 square meters.

The battery will mainly be used on energy storage systems, electric cars and electric tools, according to the company.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, an electronic component supplier, will build the MLCC factory that is expected to be completed in 2019 and start operation in 2020.

Tianjin is Samsung's major manufacturing base and investment destination outside the Republic of Korea. There are 10 Samsung affiliated companies in the municipality with an output value of 84 billion yuan (around US$12 billion).
来源: Shanghai Daily  

China demands release of Huawei CFO


2018-12-07 浏览

China has lodged solemn representations with Canada and the United States, and demanded the immediate release of Meng Wanzhou, Huawei’s chief financial officer, who was detained by the Canadian authorities in Vancouver at the request of the US.

The US has sought her extradition to face unspecified charges in the Eastern District of New York.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a daily news briefing yesterday that China has lodged solemn representations with the Canadian and US sides, urging the two countries to clarify the reason they detained Meng, immediately release her and effectively protect her legitimate rights and interests.

Meng was provisionally detained by the Canadian authorities on behalf of the US, when she was transferring flights in Canada, Huawei said yesterday.

“The Chinese side firmly opposes and strongly protests over such kind of actions, which seriously harmed the human rights of the victim,” the Chinese embassy in Canada said, adding that Meng didn’t violate any American or Canadian law.

The embassy has made solemn representations to Canada and the US, and urged them to “immediately restore the personal freedom of Meng.”

Meng, who is the daughter of Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfei, serves as the company’s CFO and vice chairwoman.

Huawei said it is hoping for “a just conclusion.”

“The company has been provided very little information regarding the charges and is not aware of any wrongdoings by Meng,” the company said in a statement, adding that it believes the Canadian and US legal systems will ultimately reach “a just conclusion.”

The statement also emphasized that Huawei complies with laws and regulations globally, including those set by the United Nations, the US and the European Union.

Meng joined Huawei in 1993 as a secretary when the company was just a startup.

She held several positions including that of head of international accounting, CFO of Huawei Hong Kong and head of auditing of Huawei before being promoted as CFO and vice chairwoman of Huawei.

In 2003, Meng was assigned the task to set up a globally unified financial organization with standardized and unified organizational structure, financial processes, financial systems and IT platforms.

Since 2007, she was responsible for the eight-year Huawei Integrated Financial Services transformation with IBM, covering resource allocation, operational efficiency, process optimization and internal control construction.

The new system is regarded as a key part in Huawei’s rapid growth.

Huawei is expected to generate US$100 billion in revenue for the first time this year, compared with last year’s US$92.5 billion based on year-end exchange rates, thanks to 5G and cloud computing.

Huawei is now the world’s second-largest smartphone maker by market shares, ahead of Apple.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

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