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At least 8 Chinese killed in bus crash in northern Laos


2019-08-20 浏览

Eight Chinese nationals were killed, 29 others injured and one remained missing in a bus crash in northern Laos, the Chinese Embassy to Laos told Xinhua on Tuesday.

The crash happened when a tour bus carrying 43 Chinese tourists, one Chinese tour assistant and two Lao nationals including the driver and a tour guide, skidded off a road between the capital Vientiane and the northern town of Luang Prabang, some 180 km north of Lao capital Vientiane on Monday afternoon.

The two Lao nationals were reported to be injured, the Chinese rescue team at the accident site told Xinhua late on Monday night.

The police said the crash was probably caused by a brake failure.

Staff from the Chinese Embassy to Laos and the Chinese Consulate-General in Luang Prabang have been travelling to the crash site for search and rescue.

The Chinese Embassy to Laos and the consulate-general in Luang Prabang have reminded of travel safety when driving in the rainy season, especially in the mountains, and careful check of the vehicles before driving.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Chinese go online to hit back at protesters


2019-08-20 浏览

Young Chinese mainlanders have taken to social media spontaneously as the Hong Kong protests continue to play out on the streets for the 11th straight week.

Di Bar, a community of online Chinese across the globe, often flood other Internet forums with patriotic messages. Fanquan girls are female fans who promote their celebrity idols in the online world. The two communities joined hands over the weekend to hit back at the secessionist forces and rioters in Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong has been in an unprecedented crisis since protesters assaulted the police force, paralyzed airport, stormed the Legislative Council building, insulted the national emblem and flag, beat civilians and took advantage of children. If this can be tolerated, what cannot (be tolerated)?” reads a “proclamation” posted by Di Bar’s administrator.

“Di Bar will unite with other patriotic organizations to speak out together, in support of countrymen who have shown their support for the Hong Kong police and their motherland. We are not only going to make our calls heard by the whole world, but also expose bad behaviors of those contemptible scoundrels to the whole world. We are speaking out loudly that we firmly support the Hong Kong police! Hong Kong is China’s Hong Kong!”

The community flooded overseas social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and posted eye-catching memes, slogans and posters in both Chinese and English, highlighting the distortion of facts and the disruptive methods used to create chaos in the society while opposing all talks on the so-called “Hong Kong independence.”

China Central Television praised the fanquan girls and Di Bar in its national news program Xinwen Lianbo on Sunday.

“The mainstream public opinion for peace and stability in Hong Kong is undeniable. Stopping the violence and restoring order is the common wish for 1.4 billion Chinese. These days, from fanquan girls to Di Bar, netizens to overseas students, all the forces which love Hong Kong and China have united to support and safeguard the city,” it said.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Recent situation 'most dangerous' in 25 years, says senior Hong Kong police officer


2019-08-20 浏览

As violent protests entered the third month in Hong Kong, a senior British officer in the Hong Kong police force said the recent and current situation is the most dangerous that he faced in 25 years, and the protesters seem to be well-organized and willing to go to extreme to follow a certain agenda.

"The situation on the front line is the most dangerous that I faced in over 25 years because of the level of aggression and violence from rocks, missiles and spears," Chief Superintendent David Jordan, British, said in an interview.

Jordan, 52, serves as the Commandant of the Police Tactical Unit, a force for large-scale emergencies. Since joining the Hong Kong police in 1992, he has been involved in countless public order events, in particular working as a major police commander during the illegal "Occupy Central" movement in 2014.

As an operational commander in multiple clashes between radicals and the police during the past two months, the police veteran was still shocked by how quickly a peaceful procession can turn destructive, how violent some protesters can become against police officers trying to keep order, and how well-organized and planned the escalating violence can be.

"There is a routine now that initially a peaceful demonstration will very quickly change into a proactive violent destructive group of individuals who are only concerned that attacking a police station and police officers who are deployed simply to maintain order or that causing huge disruption by proactively blocking roads," he said.

"What is very noticeable is that there has been a willingness from the protesters to use increasingly violent means and disruptive methods to cause chaos," Jordan said. "They have an intent, I believe, if they have a chance to physically maim and harm police officers."

Jordan described the assaults carried out by black-clad, masked radicals who wore helmets and held umbrellas, some with knives in their hands.

"As soon as the police officers turn up on the ground being very reactive and passive, they will immediately come under serious verbal abuse, and increasingly they will have hard items, rocks, bricks, sharpened implements, spears, bows and arrows thrown at them," Jordan said. "And this, no matter how you phrase it, is a threat to their lives."

The weaponry of radicals also included toxic powders, corrosive liquids and petrol bombs. A police officer was hit by a petrol bomb thrown by a radical protester in Tsim Sha Tsui at the night of August 11 and suffered burns to his legs, according to the Hong Kong Police Force.

Since June 9, 177 police personnel have sustained injuries during operations, including 11 policewomen.

Wong Ka-lun, Senior Inspector of No. 4 Platoon of Emergency Unit of Kowloon East Region, was hit in the mouth by a steel ball fired from a slingshot on August 5, when handling the blockages by hundreds of demonstrators on Lung Cheung Road along with merely over 20 police officers.

He was diagnosed with swelling and laceration of his lips, with a broken tooth in the lower jaw that needed to be removed.

"I believe demonstrators are well organized and they do seem to have an agenda, and they are prepared to go to extreme levels in the following of this agenda," Jordan said.

With the implementation of such agenda, the situation in Hong Kong has been worsening. Police headquarters were surrounded, and government agencies disrupted. The Legislative Council building was also ransacked.

Radical protesters besieged and attacked the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and defaced the national emblem in front of the building on July 21. Masked extreme radicals recently twice ripped the Chinese national flag off the pole in Tsim Sha Tsui and flung it into the sea.

Protesters also deliberately blocked main roads, disrupted subway operation and packed the high-speed railway station, leading to paralyzed traffic. Their so-called "sit-in" at the Hong Kong International Airport also turned into massive blockades, causing chaos at one of the world's busiest airports. Not only flights were canceled and numerous tourists stranded, but a traveler and a reporter were detained and beaten.

The Hong Kong police have arrested 748 radical protesters during a series of violent incidents since June 9. Among the arrested, 115 have been charged with various offensives.

The dangerous situation, with sometimes 100 violent protesters surrounding one police officer, has justified the use of force which is commensurate with the level of violence, Jordan said.

"What is a shame is that it is an individual photo that may be used to show a four-hour incident," Jordan said. "And unfortunately, that one photo is sending the message. And that one photo is used to say police brutality or excess use of force without having any idea of the circumstances that led to that use of force."

"We have been incredibly restrained, and also we are only reactive," Jordan said. "I strongly feel that the role and the actions of the Hong Kong police have been as tolerant as any other police force on the planet would have been. A lot of other police forces would have acted far more productively and possibly aggressively against this kind of situation."

Fulfilling the duty of maintaining peace and stability in Hong Kong has led to many police officers themselves, including Jordan, and their families harassed and threatened.

"This is very new that they are specifically targeting the children and spouses of serving police officers," he said. "Children of police officers are being singled out, for bullying or for comments."

Police officers at four o'clock in the morning got pizza delivered that they haven't ordered, which means some people know where that person lives, Jordan said.

Despite all the danger and difficulties, Jordan said he has never regretted joining the police. "I strongly believe that the Hong Kong police force is still one of the most professional in the world."

"I'm just one of the Hong Kong police officers attempting to maintain order and serve the other 99 percent of Hong Kong people that do not support this violence and disruption, want to go about their daily lifestyle, and live without the fear of crime, disruption and violence, and that's what we're trying to achieve," he said.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Over 470,000 rally for peace in HK


2019-08-19 浏览

“Anti-violence, Save Hong Kong!” Over 470,000 people gathered on Saturday at a rally in Tamar Park, Admiralty, to voice their demand for peace and stability in Hong Kong.

At 4pm, the Metro station near Tamar Park was swarming with people. An hour later, the rally started as the Chinese national anthem was ringing out.

Waving the Chinese national flag and the flag of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and holding signs written with slogans including “Stop Riots,” “Anti-violence” and “Save Hong Kong,” the crowd was enthusiastic and impassioned despite the rain. They chanted the slogans to express their views.

At the beginning of the rally, a video was played, featuring a recording of a policeman’s wife who spoke, choking back sobs, of how violent protesters stormed the police stations and attacked the police. She appealed to the public to support the police and Hong Kong during this difficult time. “Police, keep it up!” “Save Hong Kong!” the crowd cried out at the end of the video.

Tam Yiu-chung, a member of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress, called upon people from all walks of life to firmly oppose violence.

The national flag and emblem represent the dignity of the country, and those who insult the national flag and emblem are turning themselves into enemies of the people in the whole country, Tam added.

Rebuking the recent illegal assemblies and violent acts at Hong Kong International Airport as “the ugliest riot in the world,” Maria Tam Wai-chu, deputy director of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee Basic Law Committee from Hong Kong, stressed that everyone should respect the freedoms of others and the exercise of freedom does not include wanton destruction of public properties or obstruction of public transport.

Wong Kam-leung, chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers, said that the violence in Hong Kong has been escalating over the past two months and he was distressed to see young people using force and violating laws. He called on the young people to “stop and think twice” before engaging in violent or illegal acts.

A 57-year-old gardener surnamed Chan said sometimes she could not go to work because radical demonstrators disrupted the traffic, “which was very annoying.” “Hong Kong has always been a peaceful society. I hope the extremist radicals stop violent acts so that people can return to peaceful life,” she said.

A finance professional surnamed Lee said his business has been badly hit by the illegal demonstrations since many of his clients are too concerned to invest in Hong Kong.

“The common aspiration of the overwhelming majority of people in Hong Kong is that the violence and chaos will stop soon. Our community has been torn apart and can not afford any more of it,” he said. “We urge the demonstrators and mobs to stop it immediately.”
来源: Shanghai Daily  

418 people detained, 3 opposition mayors suspended in Turkey over alleged terror links


2019-08-19 浏览

Turkey's Interior Ministry on Monday dismissed three mayors of the opposition People's Democratic Party in eastern and southeastern Turkey over alleged terror links.

Turkish police have also detained 418 people in 29 provinces in an investigation targeting suspects with links to the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, said the ministry.

The mayors of Diyarbakir, Mardin and Van provinces, namely Adnan Selcuk Mizrakli, Ahmet Turk and Bedia Ozgokce Ertan, have been suspended, a statement from the ministry said. The mayors have been replaced by state-appointed governors. The police have been carrying out an operation in the municipalities, local media reported.

The Turkish government accuses the opposition HDP of having links to the PKK, a group that was listed as a terrorist organization by Turkish government, the United States and the EU.

The ministry said the PKK exerted heavy efforts to nominate candidates "who would be easily led once they would be elected and would be under its guidance and orientation."

These mayors were elected on March 31 in local elections. "Once the Metropolitan Mayors of Diyarbakir, Mardin and Van Provinces had taken their offices, it was highlighted that they exerted the so-called 'co-mayor' practice upon the instructions of the leaders of the separatist terrorist organization," said the ministry.

The mayors "intended to convert the municipalities into an administrative structure separate from the whole country, they de facto employed the former municipal employees, who had been removed from their offices due to their engagement, affiliation and relation with the terrorist organization," said the statement.

Concerning the ongoing separate investigations and prosecutions on these mayors over alleged terror links, the ministry said that they have been suspended from their duties as an interim precaution for safety and security concerns.

The move is part of the efforts by the Turkish government, which has recently intensified its fight against the PKK in the military level both in Turkey and in northern Iraq.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Thousands of overseas Chinese, students in London chorus 'Save Hong Kong' from violence


2019-08-19 浏览

It was raining heavily in London on Sunday noon, yet for thousands of overseas Chinese and Chinese students attending a rally to voice out their demand for peace and stability in Hong Kong, such bad weather would never sink their passions.

Waving the Chinese national flag and the flag of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the crowd, chorusing the Chinese national anthem along the way from Chinatown to Trafalgar Square, expressed their firm objection to violence and strong support for the HKSAR government and Hong Kong police.

"I love Hong Kong, I love China," "One China," chanted the crowd in Mandarin, Cantonese and English while holding placards written with slogans including "Stop Violence" and "Save Hong Kong."

The weather cleared when participants of the peaceful rally, young and old, arrived at Trafalgar Square. They sang "I Love You, China," "My Chinese Heart" and "Pearl of the Orient" among many other Chinese songs to show their backing for solidarity and unity.

"We want to take today's opportunity to express our dissatisfaction with 'Hong Kong independence' and violence," said Zhang Yanqian, a student from Kingston University who participated in the rally.

"We speak the same language and keep the same blood. We should unite and make the motherland prosperous and strong," he said, voicing their hope to show their patriotism through the rally.

Zhang Feng, chairman of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association UK (CSSAUK), said the association "strongly supports the HKSAR government and police and firmly supports the one-China policy."

The CSSAUK has called on Chinese students studying in Britain to remain restraint, calm, and rationally patriotic on the premise of ensuring their own safety, Zhang said.

The rally, co-hosted by the London Chinatown Chinese Association, the Hong Kong New Territories Heung Yee Kuk Overseas Liaison Office and more than 100 overseas Chinese communities in Britain, lasted for about an hour.

The rally was to refute the lies of the "Hong Kong independence" organizations, to tell the outside world that Hong Kong is a democratic and free society, to express support for the HKSAR government, and to oppose the violent protests over the past two months, said Chu Ting Tang, chairman of the London Chinatown Chinese Association.

For overseas Chinese Seuisang Gong, Sunday's rally was a good chance to show his support for the HKSAR government and Hong Kong police to investigate the criminal responsibility of the rioters.

The HKSAR government and Hong Kong police should "unite and work together" to "implement the law and deal with all illegal things in accordance with the law," Gong said.

"I hope that the riots will be settled as soon as possible and these mobs will be brought to justice. We hope that the government can restore Hong Kong's social order as soon as possible and make people's livelihood more peaceful. I believe this is the most important thing," Gong said.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Bowing in remembrance of war


2019-08-16 浏览

Japan yesterday marked the 74th anniversary of its surrender in World War II, with Emperor Naruhito expressing his “deep remorse” over Japan’s wartime actions at an annual mourning ceremony in Tokyo.“Looking back on the long period of postwar peace, reflecting on our past and bearing in mind the feelings of deep remorse, I earnestly hope that the ravages of war will never be repeated,” said Emperor Naruhito, who ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne in May, in his first appearance at the ceremony.The emperor, whose ascension saw Japan’s new “Reiwa” era ushered in, also said that he hoped the ravages of war would never be repeated apart from conveying his deep remorse.The expression “deep remorse” used by the 59-year-old was the same as that used by his 85-year-old father, former Emperor Akihito, in ceremonies to mark the war in recent years.Akihito, who abdicated the throne in late April, had used the words deep remorse in every address since the 70th anniversary of Japan’s surrender in 2015. However, Emperor Naruhito, unlike his father, has never experienced war personally, as he was born after the end of WWII.Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in his address at the ceremony at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo’s Chiyoda district, vowed not to repeat the tragedy of war, stating that Japan “deeply recalls the lessons of history.”In a departure from years past since Abe assumed office in 2012, the Japanese leader opted not to specifically mention Japan’s brutal past.“Over 3 million of our countrymen’s lives were lost during the war. We will never forget that the peace and prosperity, we are enjoying now, are built on the ultimate sacrifices of the war dead,” Abe said.At the ceremony, floral tributes were paid by teenagers as a way of saying that the enormity, aggression, devastation and sheer horror of the war waged by Japan should never be forgotten and should be remembered by Japan’s younger generations.A moment of silence was observed at the Nippon Budokan at noon for the lives lost in the war, including the hundreds of thousands of civilians, as well as those who perished in the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Nearly 80 percent of the bereaved in attendance were in their 70s or above. The oldest was 97-year-old Haru Uchida from Hachioji in Tokyo, while the youngest was 4.Civil groups and anti-war organizations held gatherings of different scales across the country to mourn for the deceased and express their hope for peace.Both seniors and youngsters attended these gatherings, expressing their idea that “Japan should not resort to force and should take a peaceful way,” NHK General TV reported.Japan brutally occupied many parts of Asia before and during the war causing untold suffering and death to hundreds of thousands.Many atrocities carried out by the Japanese have received far less coverage in educational textbooks, or in globally televised memorial services.  
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Man arrested for selling fake Disney tickets


2019-08-16 浏览

A MAN who used Photoshop to make fake Disney tickets has been arrested for fraud, prosecutors in Minhang District said yesterday.They said he used the program to change the numbers on some expired e-tickets and sold them at half price to attract customers.When the date neared, he used new customers’ money to book real tickets for the old ones with their personal information and had them enter the resort with their identity cards, which prevented his forged tickets from being noticed, prosecutors said.They said the man, Fan, had resigned from Shanghai Disney Resort and came up with the idea of being a Disney ticket scalper. He got some tickets from former colleagues at a lower price and made a profit of around 50 yuan (US$7.1) from each deal.However, with a mortgage to pay, he was not satisfied at this small profit and, in December last year, changed the numbers on expired tickets using Photoshop and sold them at 100 to 200 yuan each.Since most customers ordered tickets from him one or two months in advance, Fan had enough time to buy real tickets for them.Fan told prosecutors he had to continue to do that because he needed money for the house loan.Later, Fan had several agents who bought tickets from him and then resold them. One of the agents purchased more than 6,000 fake tickets and still had 2,000 left when Fan ran out of money.On May 1 this year, Fan cheated the agent by saying that Disney’s ticketing system was updating. Fan asked him to buy tickets from Taobao.com and promised to pay him double later. However, after the agent bought tickets worth more than 300,000 yuan, he lost contact with Fan. Fan surrendered to police later the same month.  
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Residential market stable in July


2019-08-16 浏览

China’s residential property market was stable last month with almost all cities recording moderate price growth in both new and existing segments.In the four gateway cities, new home prices rose an average of 0.3 percent from a month ago, slightly faster than June’s 0.2 percent, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, which monitors home prices in 70 major cities around China.In particular, new home prices in Beijing and Guangzhou rose 0.6 percent and 0.3 percent, respectively, remained flat in Shenzhen and dipped 0.1 percent in Shanghai.In the pre-occupied housing market, prices in the four cities also increased an average 0.3 percent, unchanged from a month ago. They were up 0.4 percent, 0.4 percent and 0.7 percent, respectively, in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen but fell 0.3 percent in Beijing, according to the bureau.In the 31 second-tier cities, new home prices rose an average 0.7 percent, easing from the 0.8 percent increase recorded in June. Prices of existing homes, meanwhile, advanced 0.4 percent, compared with a 0.3 percent gain in the previous month. Both new and existing home prices in the 35 third-tier cities advanced at a pace of 0.7 percent in July, exactly the same as in June.“July’s performance was within our expectations since it’s the traditional off-season for property market when transaction often turns subdued and price growth pace eases,” said Lu Wenxi, senior manager of research at Shanghai Centaline Property Consultants Co. “The majority of cities witnessed very minor changes in price from a month ago.”The number of cities registering a month-over-month new home price growth of more than 1 percent, for instance, fell from 22 to 18 in July. Meanwhile, the largest monthly price growth dropped to 1.6 percent from June’s 2.5 percent.Across the country, new home price in Pingdingshan, Henan Province, witnessed the biggest month-on-month increase of 1.6 percent.On a year-on-year basis, prices of new homes in all-tiered cities rose at a slower pace in July. They added 4.3 percent, 10.7 percent and 10.2 percent, respectively, in first, second and third-tier cities. In the pre-occupied residential market, they strengthened 0.2 percent, 6.7 percent and 7.1 percent, respectively, from the same period a year ago.New home prices were mainly influenced by real-estate regulations, especially the price-limit policies, which may be enhanced in cities where housing prices record faster growth, said Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Centaline Property.The country has vowed to adhere to the principle that “housing is for living in, not for speculation” and implement the long-term mechanism to maintain the sound development of the real-estate market.  
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Baseball camp for hearing impaired kids is a big hit


2019-08-15 浏览

A baseball training camp for children with impaired hearing has concluded in Putuo District. The scheme was launched to help children become more active in sports and better communicate with others. Sixty children braved the scorching weather to finish their training sessions, from July 1 and 26, at the Qixing School, an eduction center teaching disabled children. The camp, part of the Shanghai Juvenile Sports Summer Camp, was free of charge. Though baseball is not as popular as football, basketball and table tennis in China, the sport has become attractive at the camp among the hard-of-hearing. “These children were more focused and attentive to the trainer’s explanation and demonstration,” said Yang Qiyu, a trainer at the camp. “We have to be more patient and add more body language and some cards to help them understand.” Yang said the camp has been greatly helpful to the children’s mental health. Some children were reluctant to communicate with others at the beginning, but later they became more open and happier. Mao Mao, 9, from Shanghai No. 4 Deaf School was one of the most enthusiastic students at the camp. Accompanied by his mother and brother, he learnt the sport’s basic skills with the help of a hearing-aid. Baseball isn’t as physical as basketball or football, so it is more suitable to children with impaired hearing, who may need to wear hearing-aid or an artificial cochlea, said Huang Zheng, the mother of Mao. “He is now more willingly to take part in sports with other children,” said Huang. “He even becomes more focused to do homework.” Huang said she hoped such sports camps can be held on a regular basis as it will help her child integrate more into society. Zhou Zhanwei, secretary general with the association, said the camp will continue with full government subsidies. He said similar training camps will be held in winter to attract more physically challenged children. It is also part of Putuo District’s long-term efforts to promote sports activities among the public. The district government has been granted China’s “outstanding group” on public sports arrangements in 2017. As another effort, all public elementary and middle schools in Putuo have opened their campuses to citizens in an effort to further promote sports among the community. A number of activities are organized for the opening of the campuses such as juvenile sports training, community activities and skills training, the district’s sports bureau revealed. The bureau has organized an international chess tournament, a bridge competition, as well as a sports carnival at the campuses for students to take part in during the vocations. Putuo has also hosted the annual dragon boat race along Suzhou Creek as well as 10-kilometer elite running race and the elite football international invitation game to boast its profound sports culture.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

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