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Chinese mainland reports 5 imported COVID-19 cases, no new local cases


2020-06-05 浏览

Chinese health authority said on Friday that no new domestically transmitted COVID-19 cases were reported on the mainland on Thursday.

Five imported cases, including four in Shanghai and one in Sichuan Province, were reported on the mainland, the National Health Commission said in its daily report.

No deaths related to the disease or new suspected cases were reported, according to the commission.

On Thursday, eight people were discharged from hospital after recovery, while the number of severe cases declined by one to only one.

As of Thursday, the overall confirmed cases on the mainland had reached 83,027, including 66 patients who were still being treated, and 78,327 people who had been discharged after recovery.

Altogether 4,634 people had died of the disease, the commission said.

By Thursday, the mainland had reported a total of 1,768 imported cases. Of the cases, 1,707 had been discharged from hospitals after recovery, and 61 remained hospitalized, with no one in severe conditions. No deaths from the imported cases had been reported.

The commission said there were two imported suspected cases on Thursday.

According to the commission, 4,117 close contacts were still under medical observation after 508 people were discharged from medical observation Thursday.

Also on Thursday, three new asymptomatic cases were reported on the mainland. One imported case was re-categorized as confirmed case, and 31 asymptomatic cases were discharged from medical observation.

The commission said 297 asymptomatic cases, including 41 from overseas, were still under medical observation.

By Thursday, 1,099 confirmed cases including four deaths had been reported in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), 45 confirmed cases in the Macao SAR, and 443 in Taiwan including seven deaths.

A total of 1,042 patients in Hong Kong, 45 in Macao, and 428 in Taiwan had been discharged from hospitals after recovery.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Chinese premier delivers speech at global vaccine summit


2020-06-05 浏览

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday that China will continue to support the core role of the World Health Organization in coordinating vaccine research, while making its contribution to ensuring vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.

Li made the remarks in a speech at a virtual global vaccine summit, which was held to raise funds for the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI), with a view to ensuring vaccine accessibility worldwide. In particular, funds will be directed to accelerating research, development, production and distribution of a vaccine for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Leaders from more than 30 countries and heads of international organizations, including the United Nations and the WHO, attended the summit.

Li said that, in dealing with the COVID-19 infection, China has put people's lives first, effectively containing the epidemic by making arduous efforts.

However, the pandemic is not over, said Li, adding that no country is immune from the virus, and that the health and safety of the various populations are closely connected.

Li said that, at the opening of the 73rd session of the World Health Assembly last month, China proposed building a global community of health for all, and put forward suggestions and measures to promote global cooperation in COVID-19 response. He added that China would continue to provide assistance, within its capacity, to help with COVID-19 response and social and economic recovery in affected countries, especially developing nations.

Li said that the challenges remain severe, with vaccines representing a strong shield to defend against the virus. He pointed out that China will continue to promote clinical trials in multiple centers, and facilitate market entrance as soon as possible, once the goals of research and development have been accomplished, so as to provide the world with a safe, effective and high-quality global public good.

Noting that China has been stepping up scientific research on COVID-19 vaccines, medicines, and testing reagents, Li said China attaches great importance to international cooperation in vaccine research and development.

China recently participated in the European Union COVID-19 online pledging conference, and is willing to continue to strengthen relevant cooperation with all parties, Li said.

GAVI has maintained good cooperation with China and has invested in supporting China's vaccination and international applications, said Li. He expressed the Chinese government's willingness to contribute to GAVI's funding cycle, encourage China's R&D institutions and vaccine manufacturers to strengthen collaboration with the GAVI, and support GAVI's important role in promoting the use of vaccines.

"We hope to work together to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible," Li said.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Face coverings to be mandatory on public transport in England as UK COVID-19 deaths hit 39,904


2020-06-05 浏览

Face coverings will be compulsory on public transport in England from June 15 to help contain the transmission of the novel coronavirus, British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Thursday.

Chairing Thursday's Downing Street daily briefing, Shapps said people are required to wear face coverings on buses, trains, tubes and other modes of public transport from June 15 as COVID-19 is still a "very real threat" and the "fight still goes on to defeat it."

Noting that this measure is for England, he said he expects Scotland and Wales to introduce similar face coverings rule for rail passengers.

The measure was welcomed by many transport unions.

Mick Whelan, general secretary of the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen, a British trade union representing train drivers, said it is "a sensible step."

"The instruction to wear face coverings to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus will ease the concerns of people travelling, and working, on the transport network," said Whelan.

According to the Office for National Statistics, transport workers who have regular contact with members of the public are at particularly high risk of dying from coronavirus. Bus drivers are more than twice as likely to die from coronavirus as average working-age men.

Shortly after Shapps' announcement, Nicola Sturgeon, first minister of Scotland, reminded Scots that the Scottish government already strongly advised their use on public transport and in shops.

"A reminder that @scotgov already strongly advises the use of face coverings in shops and public transport. As I said earlier today, we are considering making it mandatory. However, no need to wait for that — please do it now (unless you have, eg, asthma)," she said on her Twitter account.

Another 176 COVID-19 patients have died in Britain as of Wednesday afternoon, bringing the total coronavirus-related death toll in the country to 39,904, said Shapps.

The figures include deaths in all settings, including hospitals, care homes and the wider community.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Xi says China ready to work with Germany, EU to create more global certainty


2020-06-04 浏览

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday that China stands ready to work with Germany and the European Union to strengthen strategic cooperation, uphold multilateralism, tackle global challenges, and jointly add certainty to the current world of uncertainty.

In a telephone conversation in the night with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Xi noted that it was the third time since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak that he and Merkel had spoken over the phone, which reflects the deep political mutual trust and close strategic communication between the two sides.

The Chinese side appreciates the German government's objective and rational stand as well as its respect for science on the pandemic issue, Xi said.

He added that China is ready to work with Germany to support the work of the World Health Organization, promote international cooperation within such frameworks as the United Nations and the Group of 20, help African countries fight the coronavirus disease, and contribute to safeguarding global public health security.

Stressing the need to coordinate epidemic control and economic and social development, Xi said the general trend of the Chinese economy towards stable long-term growth with a sound momentum remains unchanged.

China, he added, will stay committed to further opening up to and expanding cooperation with the rest of the world, and continue to create a favorable environment for German enterprises to increase investment in China.

The recently launched China-Germany "fast track" arrangement will help enterprises in both countries to speed up business resumption, and maintain the stability of international industrial and supply chains, he said.

The Chinese president said he is confident that China-Germany cooperation will play its due role in helping pull the world out of the economic recession at an early date.

With China and Germany maintaining a stable and sound cooperative relationship, China stands ready to continue dialogue and exchanges with Germany, Xi said.

Noting that Germany is to take over the rotating presidency of the European Union for the second half of this year, he added that China appreciates Germany's willingness to actively promote the development of China-EU ties.

As a series of significant events of China-Germany and China-EU political exchanges are now under discussion, China is willing to keep close communication and coordination with Germany and the EU to ensure the success of these events and lift China-Germany and China-EU relations to higher levels, he added.

For her part, Merkel said that Germany attaches importance to the economic and social development plan made in China's "two sessions," and stands ready to work with China to promote work and production resumption without compromising outbreak control and continuously deepen bilateral economic cooperation.

Germany highly appreciates the announcement made by Xi that China's COVID-19 vaccine will be made a global public good, she said, adding that under current circumstances, to enhance international solidarity and multilateralism is crucial to the global fight against the pandemic.

The chancellor said Germany is willing to strengthen exchanges with China and continue to support the WHO playing its important role, so as to promote international public health security cooperation.

Germany, she added, hopes to maintain dialogue with China and boost cooperation as regards a broad range of fields and issues, and also stands ready to keep close communication with China to materialize the important events on the Germany-China and EU-China agenda and push for higher-level development of Germany-China and EU-China ties.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Charges filed against all four police officers in Floyd killing


2020-06-04 浏览

Three Minneapolis policemen were charged on Wednesday for their role in the killing of a handcuffed black man that ignited nationwide protests, while more serious charges were filed against the officer primarily responsible.

Minnesota prosecutors had announced a third-degree murder indictment on Friday against 44-year-old Derek Chauvin — the white officer filmed kneeling on the neck of George Floyd for nearly nine minutes while he pleads: "I can't breathe."

But they said they were increasing the charge, roughly akin to manslaughter, to second-degree murder, which does not involve premeditation but carries stiffer penalties.

"I believe the evidence available to us now supports the stronger charge of second-degree murder," Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison said.

"We're here today because George Floyd is not here," Ellison added. "He should be here. He should be alive. But he's not."

Chauvin's three colleagues at the scene of Floyd's May 25 arrest for allegedly seeking to buy cigarettes with a counterfeit bill are accused of being complicit in the killing.

Tou Thao, 34, J. Alexander Kueng, 26, and Thomas Lane, 37, were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder.

The arrest of all of the officers involved has been a persistent demand of protesters who have taken to the streets of dozens of US cities for the past nine days to condemn police brutality and demand racial justice.

Tens of thousands of people defied curfews in several US cities overnight to voice anger over 46-year-old Floyd's death but the protests were largely peaceful and did not feature the looting or clashes with police of previous days.

Floyd's family, in a statement, called the arrests a "bittersweet moment" and a "significant step forward on the road to justice."

"These officers knew they could act with impunity, given the Minneapolis Police Department's widespread and prolonged pattern and practice of violating people's constitutional rights," his family said.

"We are deeply grateful for the outpouring of support by Americans in cities across the country, and we urge them to raise their voices for change in peaceful ways."

'Last resort'

While condemning Floyd's death, President Donald Trump has adopted a tough stance toward the protesters, saying they include many "bad people" and "you have to have dominant force."

"We need law and order," he repeated on Wednesday.

Trump has also raised the possibility of invoking the Insurrection Act to deploy active duty troops to quell unrest, an option rejected by Defense Secretary Mark Esper, who said the National Guard should play that role when needed.

"The option to use active duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort and only in the most urgent and dire of situations," Esper said.

"We are not in one of those situations now. I do not support invoking the Insurrection Act."

Trump meanwhile denied media reports that he was rushed for his safety to the White House bunker while protests raged in the streets outside.

"It was a false report," Trump told Fox News Radio, before saying that he did go into the secure area for an "inspection" and only for a "tiny, little, short period of time."

Reports of Trump taking shelter sparked a wave of online mockery, which is believed to have contributed to his decision on Monday to make a controversial walk across Lafayette Park — just outside the White House grounds — to visit a partly damaged church.

Police violently dispersed mostly peaceful crowds of protesters to clear a path for Trump, and the photo opportunity was loudly condemned by religious leaders, the president's political rivals, and onlookers around the country.

National Guard troops have been heavily involved in controlling the unrest in several US cities and Trump threatened on Wednesday to send them to Democratic-ruled New York City if the authorities there "don't get their act together."

'No more'

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said on Wednesday that the Insurrection Act remains "a tool available" to the president, who is facing a tough reelection battle in November.

"The president wants to protect America's streets," McEnany said. "We cannot have burning churches. We cannot have police officers that are shot. We cannot have businesses that are looted and destroyed."

Protests continued on Wednesday in several US cities and curfews remained in place in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, while slightly loosened.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Chinese mainland reports 1 imported COVID-19 case, no new local cases


2020-06-04 浏览

Chinese health authority said on Thursday that no new domestically transmitted COVID-19 cases were reported on the Chinese mainland on Wednesday.

One imported case was reported in Guangdong Province on the mainland, the National Health Commission said in its daily report.

No new suspected cases or deaths related to the disease were reported, according to the commission, adding that five people were discharged from hospitals after recovery on Wednesday.

As of Wednesday, the overall confirmed cases on the mainland had reached 83,022. Among the total, 69 patients were still being treated, 78,319 had been discharged after recovery, and 4,634 people died of the disease.

By Wednesday, the mainland had reported a total of 1,763 imported cases. Of the cases, 1,703 had been discharged from hospitals after recovery, and 60 remained hospitalized. No deaths had been reported from the imported cases.

The commission said three people were suspected of being infected with the virus, all were imported from overseas.

According to the commission, 4,360 close contacts were still under medical observation after 383 people were discharged from medical observation Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, four new asymptomatic cases were reported on the mainland. No cases were re-categorized as confirmed cases, and 35 asymptomatic cases were discharged from medical observation.

The commission said 326 asymptomatic cases, including 43 from overseas, were still under medical observation.

By Wednesday, 1,093 confirmed cases including four deaths had been reported in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), 45 confirmed cases in the Macao SAR, and 443 in Taiwan including seven deaths.

A total of 1,039 patients in Hong Kong, 45 in Macao, and 428 in Taiwan had been discharged from hospitals after recovery.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Minnesota governor announces civil rights probe into Minneapolis Police Department


2020-06-03 浏览

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said on Tuesday that his state is launching a civil rights probe into the Minneapolis Police Department, of which four police officers were involved in the brutal killing of unarmed black man George Floyd last week.

Walz said the Minnesota Department of Human Rights has filed the civil rights charge against the MPD and will investigate its "policies, procedures, and practices over the past 10 years to determine if they engaged in systemic discriminatory practices."

"My administration will use every tool at our disposal to deconstruct generations of systemic racism in Minnesota," the governor said on Twitter following a news conference. "This effort is one of many steps to come in our effort to restore trust with communities that have been unseen and unheard for far too long."

Floyd died on May 25 after being pinned to the ground by four MPD police officers, who arrested him for allegedly using a fake 20-dollar note to buy cigarettes. All of the officers have been fired, and Derek Chauvin, the one who kept his knee down on Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes even as Floyd pleaded desperately for his life, has been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

"This is not about holding people personally criminally liable," said Minnesota Human Rights Commissioner Rebecca Lucero, who will lead the just-announced investigation. "This is about systems change."

Floyd's death instigated nationwide protests against police brutality and racism that have persisted for a week now.

As demonstrations escalated into violent unrests in some parts of the country, US President Donald Trump on Monday threatened the use of the military to clamp down on the protesters, a response that drew immediate condemnation from his political opponents, including former Vice President Joe Biden, whom Trump is all but certain to face off in the general election later this year.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

UK COVID-19 deaths hit 39,369 as another 324 patients die


2020-06-03 浏览

Another 324 COVID-19 patients have died in Britain as of Monday afternoon, bringing the total coronavirus-related death toll in the country to 39,369, the Department of Health and Social Care said Tuesday.

The figures include deaths in all settings, including hospitals, care homes and the wider community.

As of Tuesday morning, 277,985 people in Britain have tested positive for the disease, said the department.

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that the number of deaths registered in England and Wales with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 reached 44,401 by May 22.

When more recent offical figures from Scotland, Northern Ireland and the National Health Service are taken into account, the total death toll in Britain has reached 50,032, according to The Guardian newspaper.

Chairing Tuesday's Downing Street daily briefing, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government is determined to find out why some groups are more at risk from coronavirus, with Kemi Badenoch, parliamentary under secretary of state (minister for equalities) in the Department for International Trade, to be in charge of the review into the issue.

Earlier in the day, the government published the Public Health England report into why Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people and other demographic groups are more at risk from coronavirus.

"This is a particularly timely publication, because right across the world, people are angry about racial injustice. And I get that. Black lives matter. And I want to say this to everyone who works in the NHS and in social care: I value the contribution that you make, everybody equally," said Hancock.

Asked about why the report is lacking firm policy recommendations, he said "there is much more work to do to understand what's driving these disparities and how the different risk factors interact."

"We are absolutely determined to get to the bottom of this and find ways of closing that gap," he noted.

"For anybody in a higher risk group, the most important thing to do is stringently follow the social distancing guidelines," said the secretary.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Carrie Lam slams the double standards of West


2020-06-03 浏览

Hong Kong’s leader on Tuesday criticized the “double standards” of foreign governments regarding national security, pointing to the current unrest in the United States as an example of how attitudes differ when protests hit home.

“We have recently seen these kind of double standards most clearly with the riots in the United States,” Chief Executive Carrie Lam said. “We can see how local authorities have reacted. But then last year when we had similar riots in Hong Kong, what was their position?”

The US, Britain and some other Western countries sharply criticized police crackdowns on riots in Hong Kong last year. Lam pointed to more recent criticism of China central government’s plans to impose national security laws on the city.

“They take their own country’s national security very seriously, but for the security of our country, especially the situation in Hong Kong, they are looking at it through tinted glasses,” she said.

Lam will lead a delegation of senior Hong Kong officials to Beijing on Wednesday to present her views on the planned national security laws. The top officials for the justice and security departments, secretaries Teresa Cheng and John Lee, and police chief Chris Tang will join her.

“There is simply no justification whatsoever for any government, any economy, to impose sanctions on Hong Kong as a result of a very legitimate process of the central government,” she said, referencing US threats to restrict trade privileges.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

2 Red Notice fugitives repatriated to China


2020-06-02 浏览

Two fugitives suspected of appropriating state-owned property were repatriated from Myanmar to China on Sunday, China's top anti-graft authority said on Monday.

Qiang Tao, a 30-year-old male who used to work for a state-owned enterprise in China, allegedly colluded with Li Jiandong and embezzled a large amount of money from the enterprise, said the Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission in a statement.

The two suspects fled on March 3 this year and were listed on the Interpol Red Notice.

Chinese police cooperated on the case with law enforcement authorities of Myanmar to arrest the two suspects.

China will continue the cooperation with relevant countries and international organizations to crack down on corruption crimes, the statement said.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

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