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China supports IAEA's efforts to ensure Zaporizhzhia's safety


2024-04-12 浏览

China supports the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in playing a constructive role in ensuring the safety and security of nuclear facilities after recent drone attacks on the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP), a Chinese envoy said on Thursday.

Li Song, China's permanent representative to the IAEA, told a special meeting of the agency's 35-nation Board of Governors that the ZNPP faces high nuclear safety risks in the middle of the battlefield, warning that "the impact of nuclear accidents transcends borders and there is no room for error."

The meeting was convened at the request of Russia and Ukraine to discuss the recent attacks on ZNPP, which occurred on Sunday and Tuesday. They were the first attacks since November 2022 to directly target the ZNPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, according to the IAEA.

Quoting a paper released by China last February on its position on the political settlement of the Ukraine crisis, Li said that China opposes armed attacks against nuclear power plants or other peaceful nuclear facilities and stresses the need to avoid man-made nuclear accidents.

China supports IAEA's efforts to promote the safety of Ukraine's nuclear facilities and supports the seven pillars and five principles proposed by IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi to ensure nuclear safety in Ukraine, Li said, adding that China has contributed to the agency's funding for its technical assistance project on nuclear safety and security in Ukraine.

China supports the IAEA in maintaining contact with all parties and playing a constructive role in ensuring the safety and security of nuclear facilities, Li said.

The Chinese envoy also called on relevant parties to exercise restraint, strictly abide by the Convention on Nuclear Safety and other relevant international laws, refrain from taking any action that endangers nuclear facilities, and create favorable conditions for the IAEA to perform its functions.

Noting that the resolution of Ukraine's nuclear safety issue ultimately depends on the prospect of a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis, Li called on the international community to continue promoting peace talks, encourage and support all efforts conducive to a peaceful settlement of the crisis, and fundamentally eliminate nuclear safety risks.

China will continue to uphold an objective and impartial position, actively promote peace and dialogue, commit itself to promoting ceasefire, and play a constructive role in promoting a political settlement of the Ukraine crisis, Li added.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

O.J. Simpson, former NFL star acquitted of murder, dead at 76


2024-04-12 浏览

O.J. Simpson, the American football star whose 1995 acquittal in the so-called "trial of the century" for the murder of his ex-wife and a male friend gripped the world, has died at the age of 76.

Once a beloved national figure, his fame turned to infamy after the savage killing of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman in a suburb of Los Angeles.

The televised police chase to apprehend Simpson, and the extraordinary subsequent trial featuring high-octane lawyers and allegations of racism, were watched by millions on television.

His acquittal in October 1995 after nine months in court was greeted with disbelief by many Americans who had followed every twist and turn in the arguments over details as intricate as whether a pair of gloves really fitted the former athlete's hands.

"On April 10th, our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer," a message signed by the family said Thursday on social media site X.

"He was surrounded by his children and grandchildren. During this time of transition, his family asks that you please respect their wishes for privacy and grace."

He had reportedly been battling prostate cancer.

Elite athlete

Simpson grew up in poverty and ill health but developed into an elite athlete, rising rapidly to stardom first as a college football player and then in the National Football League, where he won the 1973 Most Valuable Player award.

His popularity only grew with a post-NFL career as an actor and an ad pitchman, where his appearances promoting everything from orange juice to car rentals made him one of the most recognizable Black faces in the country.

His work with Hertz in particular, where he was shown sprinting through airports while wearing a three-piece suit, became part of pop culture folklore.

That all came to an abrupt end on June 12, 1994 when Brown Simpson, 35, and waiter Goldman, 25, were found stabbed to death outside her home.

Public views on whether Simpson was guilty or innocent of murder divided sharply along racial lines.

And although he walked free, there was no happy next chapter for "O.J." -- or "The Juice," as he was known.

Simpson was subsequently found liable for the deaths in a 1997 civil suit and was ordered to pay damages totaling $33.5 million to the families of the victims.

Fred Goldman, Ronald's father, spoke to NBC News on Thursday and described Simpson's death as "no great loss."

"The only thing I have to say is it's just further reminder of Ron being gone all these years," he said.

Simpson also served nearly nine years in prison for a bungled armed robbery, before a parole board in the western state of Nevada approved his release in 2017.

Dismissed health concerns

But the public's fascination in his life never waned.

"O.J.: Made in America," a nearly eight-hour documentary about his murder trial, won the best documentary Oscar in 2017.

And "The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story," a television mini-series starring Cuba Gooding Jr as the athlete, won multiple Emmy awards in 2016.

The White House keep its comment brief on Thursday, with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre saying the family "have asked for some privacy. And so we're going to respect that. I'll just leave it there."

On February 9 this year, Simpson posted a video on X dismissing reports that he was in hospice care.

"You talking about hospice?!" he said laughing. "No, I'm not in any hospice. I don't know who put that out there."

Two days later, he posted his last X video.

"My health is good. I mean, obviously I'm dealing with some issues," he said.

"But I think I'm just about over it and I'll be back on that golf course hopefully in a couple of weeks."
来源: Shanghai Daily  

S. Korea's opposition bloc wins three-fifths of parliamentary seats


2024-04-11 浏览

South Korea's liberal opposition bloc won more than three-fifths of seats in parliamentary elections, the National Election Commission said Thursday.

The main liberal opposition Democratic Party took 161 directly contested constituency seats, while its satellite party secured 14 proportional representation (PR) slots, with 99.99 percent of the votes counted.

The minor liberal Rebuilding Korea Party earned 12 PR seats, while the minor center-left New Future Party and the minor leftist Progressive Party gained one respective seat in electoral districts.

The number of parliamentary seats, snatched by the broader liberal bloc, totaled 189.

The ruling conservative People Power Party and its sister party obtained 90 constituency seats and 18 PR seats each.

The minor center-right New Reform Party garnered one constituency seat and two PR seats.

The quadrennial polls for 300 members of the National Assembly were carried out at 14,259 voting stations across the Asian country on Wednesday to let voters cast ballots for 254 constituency seats and 46 PR slots.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh's 3 sons killed in Israeli raid


2024-04-11 浏览

Three sons of Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the Hamas Political Bureau, along with his three grandchildren, were killed in an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City Wednesday.

Hamas' media office reported that the sons were killed by a strike on their car while they were driving in Al-Shati refugee camp west of Gaza City. Three of Haniyeh's grandchildren were also killed in the raid, Hamas said.

Later in the day, Israel officially confirmed the attack.

"An aircraft struck three Hamas military operatives that conducted terrorist activity in the central Gaza Strip," Israel's Shin Bet security service and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a joint statement.

According to the statement, the three sons who were killed are Amir Haniyeh, Mohammad Haniyeh, and Hazem Haniyeh.

The IDF added in the statement that it is "aware of claims that other relatives of Haniyeh were harmed, among them a minor. This information is not verified by the IDF."

Haniyeh said in an interview with Al Jazeera TV after the attack that the killing of his sons would not affect Hamas' demands in Gaza ceasefire negotiations.

Haniyeh, the 61-year-old Hamas leader, is based in Qatar.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Chinese embassy urges US, UK and Australia to stop forming exclusionary blocs


2024-04-10 浏览

The Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom on Tuesday voiced firm opposition to the United States, the UK and Australia's insistence on advancing the so-called trilateral security partnership in disregard of the wide concerns of regional countries and the international community about nuclear proliferation risks.

An embassy spokesperson made the remarks on Tuesday, in response to a question concerning a joint statement by the defense ministers of the three countries claiming that they are considering cooperation with Japan on AUKUS Pillar II advanced capability projects.

The spokesperson said such moves will inevitably escalate the risk of nuclear proliferation, exacerbate arms race in the Asia-Pacific, and undermine regional peace and stability. "China is gravely concerned and firmly opposed to this."

"We urge the US, the UK and Australia to abandon the Cold War mentality, stop cobbling together exclusionary blocs, and cease stirring trouble and camp confrontation in the Asia-Pacific region," the diplomat said. "Japan must learn lessons from history and be prudent about its words and actions when it comes to military security."
来源: Shanghai Daily  

6 bodies recovered, 2 remain missing after ship collision in south China


2024-04-10 浏览

Six bodies have been recovered from sea a week after a collision between a fishing boat and a commercial ship off the southwestern coast of south China's Hainan Province, with two people remaining missing, the provincial maritime search and rescue center said Wednesday.

The fishing boat "Yuenan Aoyu 36062" collided with the Panamanian container ship "SITC DANANG" about 60 nautical miles west of Sanya Port at around 0:15am on April 3. The fishing boat sank and eight people on board went missing.

The sunken ship was located on April 6 thanks to technologies such as underwater robots and remotely operated submersibles. However, due to the rapid flow of water and the presence of fishing nets around the sunken ship, divers had been unable to enter the cabin.

On Tuesday morning, a search and rescue operation was successfully conducted with professional divers discovering six victims in the cabin. The bodies were salvaged from the water at around 8:10pm and then transported back to Sanya via a rescue vessel.

The search for the remaining two people is still underway.

As of 9pm on Tuesday, 140 search and rescue vessels, 18 aircraft, and more than 1,300 personnel had been dispatched for the search and rescue efforts, cumulatively covering an area of over 9,400 square nautical miles (about 32,000 sq km).
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Total solar eclipse thrills tens of millions of skywatchers across North America


2024-04-09 浏览

Tens of millions of spectators were treated to stunning views as a rare total solar eclipse swept across North America on Monday.

The total solar eclipse — nicknamed the Great American Eclipse for its long path over North America — was visible in the sky over parts of Mexico, 15 US states and eastern Canada.

The Mexican city of Mazatlán was the first place to see the total solar eclipse as it emerged over the Pacific Ocean.

Totality reached Mazatlán at 11:07am Pacific Time on Monday, and lasted for a little more than four minutes.

The path of the eclipse continued from Mexico, entering the United States in Texas, and traveling through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Small parts of Tennessee and Michigan could also experience the total solar eclipse, according to NASA.

Cities in the state of Maine were the last locations in the United States to experience total solar eclipse, according to NASA live broadcast.

The eclipse later entered Canada in Southern Ontario, and continued through Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Cape Breton. The eclipse exited continental North America on the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland, Canada, at 5:16pm Newfoundland Daylight Time, according to NASA.

Most places along the path of total solar eclipse saw a totality duration between 3.5 and 4 minutes. The longest duration of totality was 4 minutes and 28 seconds, near Torreón, Mexico, according to NASA.

An estimated 31.6 million people in the United States live in the path of totality this year. An additional 150 million people live within 200 miles of the path of totality, said NASA.

Crowds at different locations let out loud screams in excitement as they saw the moon blocked the sun. Though some places had clouds blocking the full view, people still got excited and cheered as nighttime descended in the middle of the day for a brief moment.

In cloudy Houston, Texas, which is not on the path of totality, a number of museums held events to help people enjoy a partial eclipse with the moon blocking 94 percent of the sun.

A crush of eclipse tourism had reportedly attracted more than 1 million people to visit Texas for experiencing a total solar eclipse, state officials said.

Preparations for Monday's total solar eclipse had been underway for months, with numerous cities and states within the path of totality declaring states of emergency, issuing disaster declarations and closing down schools and municipal buildings for safety reasons.

A total solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the face of the Sun. The sky will darken as if it were dawn or dusk.

The Earth sees two to three solar eclipses of all kinds each year, and about two total solar eclipses every three years, according to NASA.

On average, a total solar eclipse passes by a given point on Earth once every 375 years, according to celestial mechanics.

Monday's total solar eclipse also offered scientists precious opportunities to study the eclipse's impact on Earth's atmosphere, animal behaviors, as well as the Sun's outer atmosphere, called the corona.

Using NASA's WB-57 high-altitude research aircraft, one project planned to capture images of the eclipse from an altitude of 50,000 feet above Earth's surface. By taking images above the majority of Earth's atmosphere, the team hoped to be able to see new details of structures in the middle and lower corona.

The observations, taken with a camera that images in infrared and visible light at high resolution and high speed, could also help study a dust ring around the Sun and search for asteroids that may orbit near the Sun.

The WB-57 aircraft also carried instruments to learn more about the temperature and chemical composition of the corona and coronal mass ejections, or large bursts of solar material, according to NASA.

After Monday's total solar eclipse, the next total solar eclipse that can be seen from the contiguous United States will be on August 23, 2044, according to NASA.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Iranian FM opens new consulate in Damascus following Israeli strike


2024-04-09 浏览

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian opened a new consulate building in the Syrian capital of Damascus on Monday, following the destruction of the previous consulate by an Israeli strike last week.

Amir-Abdollahian, alongside Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad, attended the inauguration ceremony of the new consulate, situated next to the previous building that was demolished by an Israeli missile attack just days ago.

Amir-Abdollahian arrived in Damascus on Monday afternoon for his first visit to the country since the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate on April 1. The attack killed senior leaders in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), including Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a veteran commander who led the IRGC foreign operations wing, the Quds Force, in Syria and Lebanon.

During his visit to Damascus, Amir-Abdollahian held meetings with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad, and the officials in the Syrian National Security.

Speaking at a joint press conference with his Syrian counterpart, Amir-Abdollahian reaffirmed that Israel will receive "the necessary response" for its attack on the consulate, while also blaming the United States for the incident.

The lack of condemnation by the United States of the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus indicated that "Washington has given the green light to Israel to commit this crime," he said, noting the attack "was carried out using American fighter jets and missiles."

Moreover, the minister reiterated that the Israeli attack "will not go unanswered."

For his part, Mekdad slammed the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate as a violation of international law and all the values on which humanity stands.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

Nicaragua severs diplomatic relations with Ecuador after assault on Mexican embassy


2024-04-07 浏览

Nicaragua on Saturday severed "all diplomatic relations" with Ecuador, following the assault on the Mexican embassy in Quito by Ecuadorian police to apprehend former Ecuadorian Vice President Jorge Glas, who took refuge in the embassy last December.

In a statement, the Nicaraguan government expressed its "absolute rejection" and condemnation of the action by the Ecuadorian government, which it described as a "flagrant violation of international law" by forces that should protect the order and security of Ecuadorian citizens and their lives.

Nicaragua withdrew its ambassador from Quito in 2020. With this statement on what happened on Friday night at the Mexican embassy in the Ecuadorian capital, it formalized "the rupture of all diplomatic relations."
来源: Shanghai Daily  

China to see more flights in summer-autumn aviation season


2024-04-01 浏览

China's civil aviation transport will see steady growth in the summer-autumn aviation season this year, according to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on Sunday.

From March 31 to October 26, 188 domestic and foreign airlines plan to arrange 122,000 passenger and cargo flights per week.

In terms of international flights, 17,257 passenger and cargo flights are scheduled every week, connecting China and 70 other countries, including 51 Belt and Road partner countries.

As for domestic flights, 51 domestic airlines plan to arrange 101,536 flights in the Chinese mainland every week, an increase of 2.5 percent compared with the same aviation season in 2023.

The number of planned weekly passenger and cargo flights between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong amount to 1,754, and the number of those between the mainland and Taiwan will reach 835. A total of 796 flights will be connecting the mainland and Macau, the CAAC said.
来源: Shanghai Daily  

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